The Ultimate Casino-Themed Party Guide

No matter if it’s for birthday party, fundraiser or another occasion, incorporating a casino theme is an easy and chic way to make any celebration shine with glamour and shine. Choose between Wild in Vegas, VIP glam and even prohibition-era style for an event with Great Gatsby inspiration!

Start with an appropriate theme, and everything will fall into place seamlessly. Here are a few helpful hints to get you underway:

1. Games of chance

Games of chance are entertainment activities in which people bet money or items of monetary value on an outcome determined primarily by chance. Such games contrast with skill-based ones like tennis and poker.

Make sure that if you’re hosting a casino-themed party, make sure that there are games of chance available for guests to enjoy. Cards, dice and spinning tops are simple yet cost-effective options that provide guests with a real Vegas experience. Add gambling tables for an authentic Vegas feel.

Be sure to send out invitations for your big night, starting with Greenvelope’s online editor which makes customizing messages incredibly easy – make your casino-themed party an event to remember with these stylish invites!

2. Entertainment

Be it for your birthday celebration, fundraising gala, or corporate event – throwing a casino-themed bash is an easy and memorable way to set the mood and engage guests at any event! Take them back in time with you as guests experience Las Vegas or Atlantic City nightlife first hand while giving them a fun memory-making experience at your get together.

If your budget allows, hiring professional dealers and live bands could add an extra special touch to your party and leave guests talking for years! They are sure to remember their experience at your next event!

Make the evening more adult-focused by replacing gambling with arcade games such as fighters, pinball, air hockey or skee ball. Your guests can try their luck at testing their luck at these fun venues.

3. Decor

No matter if it’s a high roller event or low roller gathering, creating the right atmosphere is always key to creating an experience for guests. By making a few subtle additions and following some basic decor tips you can give guests the feeling that they are indeed in Las Vegas!

Utilizing black, red and gold accents will create the feel of a casino theme event. Asking guests to wear formal attire will further add to the atmosphere – encourage men to don tuxedos while women bring out evening gowns!

Your event doesn’t need to take place in Vegas – consider something other than that for an unforgettable experience, such as prohibition- or James-Bond themed parties! Or consider Alice-in-Wonderland events or traveling back through time with this wonderful Peerspace space!

4. Food

Planning a casino themed party requires crafting an immersive experience for guests, from decor to food. When creating the ideal environment for this type of celebration, everything must come together seamlessly.

Casino parties tend to be grazing-style events rather than sit-down meals, so you will want to provide plenty of snacks and beverages. Your dessert table provides the ideal opportunity to play around with your theme as well – use icing to transform brownies into dominoes, or fill cookies with poker chip shapes using filling.

Always include cocktails that fit with the theme of your event – be it adult-only martinis or kids pina coladas at your casino night party. Peerspace provides access to many bars and distillery venues where your celebration can take place.

5. Invitations

If you choose physical invitations, there are a few easy and cost-effective ways to customize them to the theme. Hearts, diamonds and spades make an attractive garland when strung together on ribbon, while decorating cupcake toppers with such symbols is another cost-effective solution to creating cards which match.

Playing card-themed party supplies can be found both online and in most local party supply stores. Send out invitations as early as possible so guests have time to RSVP and plan accordingly.

Making any event truly unforgettable means making it unique. Add an extra special touch to your casino night celebration and ensure guests remember it fondly for years. If you want to elevate the experience further, consider renting a space like an actual casino and hiring professional dealers for added authenticity.

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